"I feel much fitter and more balanced."

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If someone had told me that I would weigh 31kg less in 82 days, I would probably have declared them absolutely insane! However, this dream has come true with the help of EURODIET.

I was simply fed up with feeling uncomfortable, not being fit, having torrents of sweat running over my body with the slightest exertion and arriving at the apartment almost completely out of breath when climbing stairs every day.

Looking back, the first three days on the way to a new, leaner life were probably the most difficult. But as the saying goes, “Every beginning is difficult ...” and once that's done, the worst is already behind you.

During the whole time there wasn't a point where I was really missing something. I was invited to weddings, birthdays and other celebrations where there was the most amazing and delicious things to eat. I even withstood these temptations. In my opinion, consistency and perseverance are the alpha and omega of such a measure. The variety of products from EURODIET really helped me not to become weak and just to carry on consistently. There is really something for every taste, from savory to sweet. Tastes are different but I like almost all of the products.

EURODIET not only made me look slimmer, it also made me a more creative chef. Variety in eating has always been important to me. But especially in phase 1 it became more important to me than ever. Vegetables twice a day and preferably not in the form of a simple green salad. One inevitably becomes inventive. I can call kohlrabi one of my favorite "new interpretations". “Kohlrabi are my new potatoes” - “Have you ever eaten fried kohlrabi?” - “Potatoes - I'd rather have a kohlrabi!”. This is just a selection of the sayings and comments my friends had to endure. I rediscovered many vegetables and simply prepared them completely differently to add that certain pizzazz. It was important to me to keep the dishes as simple as possible because, as a commuter, I simply don't have the time to stand in the kitchen forever.

What I'm still really excited about is how much fitter I was after less than a week in phase 1. I got used to the program, stuck to it and the ketosis set in. In sport I suddenly achieved top performances, from one week to the next a 40% increase in performance. My trainer couldn't believe it either. Not only did I get fitter in sports, but also in the office. My head is more alert and I have the impression that I am much more effective.

Subject motivation! What could be nicer than being motivated by positive results or progress. Monday was and still is my favorite day. Because it means got on the scales. The success and this eagerness to go to next Monday have always motivated me. I never went to work on Mondays in such a good mood.  

I do not want to ignore one very important point at all. THE CARE of Sonia Luy de Langenbrink! Right from the start, I was able to experience perfect support from the EURODIET team. Regular contact, quick answers to questions, motivation when you get down, recipe ideas and of course a medical check-up. I felt good and healthy all around.

I would recommend EURODIET to anyone who would like to eat healthy, cared for, without spending a lot of time, quickly, not boring, varied, self-motivating, tasty. However, it is simply a must to exercise a certain degree of consistency. Without it, as with everything, it just doesn't work.

Stefan from Trier

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