Was sollten Sie während der ketogene Ernährung trinken?


Denken Sie daran, täglich mindestens 1,5 bis 2 Liter Flüssigkeit aufzunehmen: vor allem Wasser, Tee, Kräutertee. Alle Getränke müssen zuckerfrei sein, können aber mit Süßstoff gesüßt werden.


You can prepare flavored water yourself without much effort. Just let the vegetables and / or herbs soak in the water.

Required ingredients and equipment:

  • Glass containers (canning bottles, carafes, jugs) of any size (250ml to 5L)
  • Spoon to stir and carefully mash or grind the herbs
  • Water (preferably filtered), mineral water and, if desired, ice
  • Flavoring vegetables and / or herbs.


Cut the vegetables and / or herbs into small pieces and mash or grind them with a spoon or pestle.

Put the desired flavoring ingredients in the container.

Pour on water and stir gently.

Put the preparation in the refrigerator for 15 minutes to 1 day.

The chilled drink can be stored in a closed container in the refrigerator for up to two days, depending on the ingredients used.


Adjust the amount of flavoring ingredients to suit your taste. Carefully mash the herbs with a spoon so that the taste unfolds fully. The more herbs you add and the more finely they are ground, the stronger the taste will develop and the faster your drink will be ready. Accordingly, the longer you let the preparation steep, the more pronounced the taste.

Fresh herbs and seasonal vegetables are best, but you can also use frozen or dried herbs, spices, or vegetables.

It is advisable to freeze the flavored water in concentrated form, e.g. in ice cube trays. Then when you feel like a special taste, simply melt one or two of the flavored ice cubes in a glass of water.

You can usually fill the container several times with water until the ingredients have completely released their flavors. 

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